Romance novels with explicit sex.
Derived from "romance" + "erotica".

In some cases this word has been in a humorous, derrogatory, or ironic way used to point out the fact that certain novels are classified as "romance" and therefor seen as more socially acceptable, while other somewhat similar books are classified as "erotica" and recieve harsher social censure.
So you're looking for regency holiday novels with chaste heroines? It doesn't look like we many in the store. Mostly just romantica I'm afraid.
by Peter K. March 14, 2005
An amazing shounen-ai anime (also a manga) that revolves around 3 couples (Junjou Romantica ((main couple)) , Junjou Egoist , and Junjou Terrorist). People who aren't even much of a fan of yaoi love this anime. The makers of it also made Sekaii Ichi Hatsukoi .
Non-Fangirl-" Hey what're you watching?"

Yaoi Fangirl- "Junjou Romantica. Look! There are 3 couples!"

Non-Fangirl- "Yaoi isn't really my thing.."

Fangirl- "Try it!"

10 minutes later...

"Omigod I LOVE this!!!!! I SHIP SO MUCH!!"
by LLLLiiilly December 20, 2013