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A liquor from Italy. Its 42% alcohol (82 proof). Romana Sambuca has a strong black licorice flavor.

Some people drink it by watering down, others prefer to drink it straight. Some people light it on fire first etc.

A more traditional way that its drank is by adding 3 coffee beans to the drink.
person 1:I hate the black licorice taste of romana sambuca
person 2:Really? I love the flavor.
by The 211 July 14, 2008
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A hard liquor made in Italy, and probably the worst thing from Italy since fascism. It's 42 Proof, just a little above better and cheaper flavor liquors like Bacardi Lemon and Smirnoff Twist. Romana Sambuca has a horrible black liquorish candy taste, the aftertaste of which lasts in your mouth until you rinse it out with sulfuric acid. Disgusting enough to make you vomit even before you've reached the limit of your alcohol tolerance.
Having faith in an Italian product, I bought some Romana Sambuca. I almost threw up after the first shot, and I hadn't had anything alcoholic to drink that entire week!
by The Sub January 22, 2005
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