the language that really drunk people speak
Spencer: 'i nreed to git black tooth my housesh... im flucked'

Dan: Spen's speaking liquorish again...
by squamish represent July 11, 2010
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A huge cocked stallion that occationally stumbles into gay bars (but leaves well quick like). A hansome devil
This guy down Brighton was a right liquorish
by lee kridgi tom sam April 10, 2006
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From Liquor and Licorice. For when you don't wanna say you were drunk and can pass it out as eating candy.
Dude; "Yo dawg I was so liquorished last night and i like tripped all over and busted my kneecap on JJ's rims

Mom; you were what ????

Dude; Oh I was eating licorice.

Mom; Oh ok.

Dude; Teehee
by JoYoMuffin November 18, 2009
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When you drink so much that your mouth no longer connects with your brain, or something. It is really you just trying to talk ya know. But words, they escape you, and you are left with nothing but the unintelligible liquorish! A new dialect that changes with each new sentence.
“Hsshsjsnakansosndbt qnlpdoenenek”

Translation: “I am drunk”

Ah dude you are speaking liquorish, speak English! English!
by Jaxxk May 5, 2019
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