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It is a term used in crystal methamphetamine-smoking circles. Street names for Crystal Meth include ice, glass, speed, etc. When you load the product into your oil burner to smoke it, you have to carefully introduce the glass bowl to heat, like a lighter or butane torch, every time to want to hit it. Once it is hot enough, the solid drug in the glass bowl will momentarily become a liquid form. You then have to move that small amount of liquid drug side to side slowly by rotating the piece--"rolling puddles"--to avoid burning and wasting the drug if it just stays in one spot.

Once the glass piece cools, the drug in the bowl begins to crystallize and reform back into a solid. And if you want to hit it again, you have to roll some more puddles...
Kim: "Hey Pam, do you want to go clubbing tonight?"
Pam: "Nah, I'm really beat from work. I'm just going to stay home. I'm probably gonna end up rolling puddles with some Netflix.
Kim: "Hey, that sound better on second thought! I'll come over and show you my new pizzo!
by Borgata November 22, 2015
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