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Roleo is a very handsome, hot, cute, kind, understanding and loving guy to his girlfriend and family. He's one of the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He will never give up on you till the end. Loves you truly and unconditionally. He's really friendly that's why he gets along with everyone. He has a good sense of humour and you will easily fall in love with a Roleo. Roleo's are good dancers, they dance with passion. They also love sports and travelling. They are known to be hard working and motivated with their jobs. Roleo's usually gets famous because of their talents and intelligence. You will be a lucky girl to be with a Roleo, because he will love you and only you forever.
He impressed everybody with his dance performace. He's such a Roleo.

He made me laugh when I was feeling down...such a Roleo.

She's so lucky to have a sweet and understanding boyfriend. I need a Roleo in my life.
by chuchay<3 May 19, 2014
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