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Its funny how when I looked up the definition of Towson, so many preppy explanations came ip. I grewup in Roland Park and went to one of the prep schools there. Roland Park is for the classiest, "old money" preppies, who were naturally born with a golden lacrosse stick in thier hands. We will all drive brand new SUV's or some sort of sporty car our Daddy bought us. We will also grow up and work for Daddy (or one of his Fraternity Brothers from college). Roland Park girls grow up to be trophy wives and look beautiful and engage in PTA. Towson is where fake, "new rich" preppies roam (eww). Ruxton, well thats different, Ruxton is actually right next to (or in, depending on who you talk to) Towson, and its preppy as well. Seriously, Towson kids, take a hike. The best places to booze with other preppies would be CVP,The Turtle,down in Federal Hill or Canton. Thats where we really roam. Unfortunatly wherever real preppies wanna go they have to sort through the scum to have fun.
Real preppies DO NOT wear Abercrombie or American Eagle, thats for white trash. We wear, Polo, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, Lilly, CK Bradley, Reef or Rainbow Sandals, Burberry, J. Crew and a few select others. Oh yeah and the colar is ALWAYS popped, no excuses. I could go one forever... Oh yeah and we do not have that hard-core Baltimore accent. Our Mommy and Daddy taught us better than that.
Plaids, ruit, lax games, and 30-racks are a way of life.
by 30-racks April 21, 2005
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