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Lovingly known as roey by its students and roe by its staff who are trying to be “down with the kids”.
A univeristy in south west London that provides an eclectic mix of students a safe and natural campus to study on while simultaneously allowing them to experience what it is like to live on/next to a gang run inner city estate. (experience provided by the neighbouring Alton Estate)

Split in to 4 colleges, Digby (the best), Whitelands, Southlands and Froebel (the worst), Roehampton university students take college pride more seriously than their studies, often chants of “I’m *college name* till I die” can be heard coming from a group of drunk students at 4 am, much to the delight of all who live near.

Among the university’s prestigious awards (such as best modern university in London) the institution also once won the award for most sexual partners per student - see hoehampton.

Varsity rival Bucks New Uni are decimated yearly by Roehampton much to everyone’s surprise.
“I go to Roehampton university and I know Digby are the best”

“We love Roehampton we do, we love Roehampton we do, we love Roehampton we do, oh Roehampton we love you”

“Check put the roey students annihilating Bucks again”
by Thisismyname23456 March 25, 2018
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