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a nickname for Rockland MA?

Rockvegas is not and never will be a nickname for Rockland. I first heard this "Rockvegas" name a few years back (around 2005). And i took a good look at the people that called Rockland "Rockvegas" and i just laugh.

those people that call Rockland "Rockvegas" are a bunch of people that want to make them and there town feel important. way. Rockland is filled with shady kids that went through Rockland High. "Gansters" and group of little kids walking around all day trying to get there next bag.

Also, a good 7 out of 10 people that live there are very fake. All talk but no game, they deffinetly can talk a GREAT game but most of the time they wouldn't come through because for example "they're on probation".

They'd either give you some shit excuse for not coming through or they won't even have the courtesy to call you to tell you that they're not going to make it.

..but with all the loosers aside. Rockland is a nice place to live in. That is..if you want to live in a town that has NOTHING to do in it. and the only cool kids are the ones hanging out at BurgerKing (BK crew).

THAT right there people is Rockland.
T-Smith: heyy kiiid you headin to rockvegas for a good time??

me: first of all i live here asshole and second, i'm pretty damn sure if you wanna have a good time you wouldn't want to go to Rockland...oh my bad man, "Rockvegas"
by A True BullDog June 01, 2009
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i don't give a shit what you Americans say, Rockvegas is another name for Rockhampton, Queensland. the americans stole the name because they thought it was cool, and because they steal everything from us aussies. Rockvegas is actually a dive, wouldn't want to live there
Steve: hey, Fred.
Fred: ye?
Steve: did i ever tell you i was born in rockvegas?
Fred: ooh, tough luck mate
by Yabity January 08, 2011
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