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A group of rock'n'rollish celebrities in the UK made up of young people born to famous, rock'n'roll parents/socialites whose bands/solo acts were milestones in the history of music. This group includes: Daisy Lowe (Pearl Lowe's and Gavin Rossdale's daughter), the Geldof sisters (Sir Bob Geldof's and Paula Yates's daughters) but also Kate Moss or Agyness Deyn (the modelling rockocracy). The group promotes its own lifestyle that is comprised of parties, unorthodox way of dressing, and the love of hard music. They're considered a very cool and trend-setting bunch of people.
Pixie Geldof was hailed the coolest girl in London prolly thanks to her connection to the rockocracy.
by necrotism June 20, 2009
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