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a class of jeep A synonym for THE 1987 Jeep YJ that bears only minor resemblance to the OEM product that AMC created.
Issued under AZ license plate circa 1999. Often seen in garage as all modifications are performed by owner.
enjoys the rocks. Will handle mud with ease.
Operated on website since 1999.
Employs a drivetrain that sparks envy: SOA+2.5"/350/nv4500/atlas/dana44's/lockers.
However modified, it is still realisticly suttle. IE: does not run 44" tires, hydraulics or a supercharger.
also expressed as RKHRDJP. 'nothing stock but the tub and the frame'
I used saw rockhardjeep's on board shower when we were out wheeling the otherday, I tell you, the only thing that Jeep is missing is a welder.
by rockhardjeep April 29, 2005
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