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Robin/Raven- A pairing from the popular Teen Titans children's show that airs on Cartoon Network. Despite popular belief Robin/Raven shipper are not all morbid emo/goths who hang around Hot Topic and write 'woe-is-me' poems.

The pairing was little known until season 4 when the episode "Birthmark" aired and questions where raised. Many people have since then come to realize that this pairing actually has potential, and is not just a theory made up by stoners. After birthmark aired Robin/Raven fever spread like wildfire across and Talk of the strange pairing quickly turned into a growing trend as more people opened their eyes to the possibilities.

Many people turn to the Robin/Raven pairing after getting bored with the 'Hot popular cheerleader type girl falls in love with the Sexy, mysterious, jock like boy and live happily ever after' relationship that is often known as Robin/Starfire. Though the pairing is officially non-canon, it is quickly becoming the most popular pairing (Even rivaling The BB/Raven shippers) Many people who like R/R are older children to teens who have some to realize that a relationship means more then looking cute together.

Another popular myth about Robin/Raven is that everyone who like it bases their opinion on one of two things. They are: 1. The saying 'Birds of a feather flock together' and 2. They hate Starfire. When both are false. Many supporters of the R/R pairing are tired of hearing this excuse, and often times they point of the fact that the relationship should be based more on compatibility then an saying said by some old guy 2000 years ago.

And the Idea that all R/R shippers hate Starfire is wrong. Many actually like Starfire, but do not feel that she and Robin could ever have a relationship that was anything other then 'cute'. Yes, there are some people who hate Starfire, but the fact that they hate Starfire is not a direct link to being a Robin/Raven shipper.

Pairing wars over Robin/Raven and Robin/Starfire are quite common, but the thing that many fail to realize is that neither side really accomplishes anything in said wars. It is truly just a time to rant about ones favorite pairing and see which is getting more support. The bets thing to do is let them be.

Robin/Raven shippers tend to be very passionate about their favorite pairing and tend to not listen to logic, yet the same can be said for anyone who is a fan of a Teen Titan pairing.
Not to be confused with BB/Raven shippers or Robin/Starfire shippers. Robin/Raven shipper can be very hostile if not approached with care.
by Ri-Ri No Hime October 19, 2005
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Term for a person who supports the pairing of Robin and Raven in the hit show Teen Titans.

Sometimes considered enemies of Robin/Starfire Shippers.
Hmm... if you watched "Birthmark" first, you might become a Robin/Raven Shipper.
by Lomesir May 23, 2005
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