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Robin/Raven is what Teen Titans' fan put together after the episode "Birthmark". To be honest, Robin/ Raven is a better fit than Starfire/Robin. While watching the show, if anything Starfire and Robin's love didn't seem true. It seemed like they would be together based off the look of "Leader saves beautiful outcast alien and she falls in love". But with Robin and Raven, it's like Robin fell in love with her because he wanted to truly save her from her father and herself. Their fanfictions are better to. Theirs don't revolve around typical "Beautiful alien gets leader jock and they live happily ever after". RxR stories tend to be about how Robin will get into Raven's mind and break her from her chaotic demon ways. RxR simply have a better love connection than Robin and Starfire.
In the Robin/Raven story, Robin feverish works to find out why Raven has red marks invading her skin. As he works to learn more, he discovers that he is probably not just on a mission to save his friend, but possibly his love.
by Smile empty soul May 03, 2015
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