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Robe Bunny rohb buhn-ee, plural Robe Bunnies

proper noun

1. Informal: a girl who is devoted to the pursuit of male lawyers or law students.

2. Slang: Sometimes disparaging and offensive. a pretty, appealing, or alluring young woman, often one ostensibly engaged in the sport or similar activity of seducing male lawyers or law students for money (e.g. a free meal ticket) or the perceptive of power and importance and various sexual ends.

3. Chiefly British . synonym for a dirt squirrel (see dirt squirrel).

Origin: 1800s, historically emerging from the concept of a "badge bunny" (see badge bunny) whereas lustful young females (the bunny) sought to defile policemen (the badge) in search of sexual, pecuniary and psychological gratification. Compare "badge" with the formal loose fitting outer garb ("robe") worn by Commonwealth barristers in courts of superior jurisdiction.
Stacey, a 21 year old robe bunny, staves off her deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy by constantly pursuing lawyers in an ever-enchanting pursuit for sex, money and a vicarious sense of self-importance.
by Anthony Dershowitz November 30, 2013
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