this is when the vagina has a strikingly close resemblence to the roast beef at the deli usually found on a dick chicken hooker mouth. it sometimes even has the irradescent shine. this is caused by the vagina getting riddled with dicks
"man that dick chicken from last night had some staright up roast beef flaps what a hooker mouth it appears that her vagina has been riddled by a thoushand dicks".
by shoosterjama July 31, 2009
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Roast Beef Mud Flaps are the oversized lips of the vagina that resemble the mud flaps on a semi truck if they were made out of roast beef. This phenomena is often related to the woman having an excess of sexual partners, and/or extreme stretching by the use of sexual toys.
Chris: Hey man, did you end up hitting that last night?
Ken: Yeah, but it wasn't that great.
Chris: Why not?
Ken: Well, she had a massive set of roast beef mud flaps.

Chris: Were they that bad?
Ken: Yeah, it looked like she road a chainsaw to work everyday.
by Queef Chief April 26, 2016
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