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This is when an orgasm, or ejaculation is reached while the reciever (usually female) of the act is driving a vehicle. Opposite of roadhead!!!
OMG Paul i cant believe that roadgasm you just gave me forced me to hit a mailbox!

Lets get the f*ck outta here...
by MarbooJuice/Pawlypanda January 23, 2008
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The feeling of absolute joy you get from driving on a beautiful road, the view, the smell of petrol and your right foot pushing the gas pedal to the floor. You don´t have to drive a supercar or even drive fast. Just the feeling you get sitting behind the wheel and becoming one with the car, it´s like a meditation. But better. Much better.
Man, driving that Ferrari on the twisty road totally gave me a roadgasm.

I got a roadgasm on the way home, just me driving and a perfect scenery everywhere you look.
by Calabro March 11, 2015
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