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Crazy ass fucking school where people fuck shit up

Last year at homecoming they glued the doors to the school shut and released chickens in the school causing thousands of damage.

This year half the senior class including the homecoming queen were suspended at homecoming for drinking.

These kids know how to live it up
"Did you see the kids from riverside brookfield highschool?"
"No they're all suspended and have court dates"
by Softballislife96 January 07, 2015
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white people trying to be cool black people
dughetti spaghetti
hero passes
we raise our praises up to you rb fight on fight on fight on to victory loyalty will guide you we will stand beside you cheering for the colors blue and white fight fight fight
we live by the zoo
million dollar football field
hoes wearing croptops and nerds with suspenders
football HUH

pretty sure our mascot was copied an pasted from images on the internet
fundraisers to pay for the million dollar football field
tests so often it seems like we have tests more than homework
top scores in the country is what to they to motivate us
rain drop crop top (lame white whip)
4.0 is bad omg i know i can do so much better
we be friendly we dont bite
Riverside Brookfield High School is a good place for young children to go so that they learn what a bad example is
by blueberrychapstickruinedmylife October 24, 2017
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