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a beautifulful, kind person who's name originates from

ritons are often quiet, and introverted; but when you begin to talk to her, she will louden up and constantly spam-text random capitalised letters whenever her favourite music artist is caught b r e a t h i n g .

speaking of artists, she had a fantastic taste in music; if you like the same music she does. when she decides to get interested in one specific artist, she will find out everything she can about them to love them to the fullest potential her glowing heart can manage. if you're a fake-fan, don't even *breathe* the same air as me.

ritons deserve to be taken care of well, as they are kind to *almost* everyone.

treat a riton wrong? yeah, you'll become dead to her after a while.
she'll take her time to move on, but as soon as she's gone; you ain't getting her back.
person A: "you know? riton is so nice to everyone!"
person B: "i know right! i wish i could be like her :("
person C: "ha! no she is not, she's incredibly mean to me! i just wish she'd stop fangirling of JonOthAN or whatever sh**ty music she listens to these days"
person A: "ugh, you really don't get her do you??
person B: "yeah, you act like she has an obsession that completely changes her; and it doesn't!"
person A: "exactly! her taste doesn't define her; and it's better than whatever terrible rap you pretend to know about."
person B: *coughs* burnnnnn
by annnnnnnnnnonymous friend April 17, 2017
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