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to make a false conjunction about someone trying to ruin thier reputation while you're just shitting yourself and don't even know what your talking about.

Creating a crappy sensation about someone when you have no word or place about anything even pertaining to that person. More like a cry for help for drunks and slobs.

Wasting yourself, drinking much to the point of alchoholism, much like stomach poisoning and diseases that spread like an std of the mouth.

Rista crap can be words, bad air, bad party breath, dirty ass, fungal or anything else that is impure but to an excessive amount that ends up weakening victims.

When you can't see between the lines and just start going off board and cream ass to burn energy. Basically you're left stuck reading someone else's shit and jizz.
Cal : I'm sick of all the ristacrap about Courtney, she never tried it on any of you and she's not like that."

Jen : "I know, but my mom doesn't know I am a bad influence and it helps me look better."

Cal : "You're so full of ristacrap, you all drank underage way alot and then tried shitting on the only person that didn't that you used to talk to you slobs."

Jon : "Oh well shit happens. Ristcrap is there when times are rough and I feel like I need to break stuff.

Cal : "Yeah well you don't have to ristacrap on the beautiful woman everyone doesn't know how much sucky assholes you are."

Courtney : "I'm telling your mom you ristacrap because you'll ruin yourself."
by whazabiepoolbabe December 15, 2009
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