Rhode island school of design, also known as that weird school near brown or the school where everyone is dressed as if they're in a circus. Classes are 8 hours long, than students go back to the studios after dinner and stay up all night working on homework for their next class.

But we invented lots of cool things, like the new xbox, the show "the family guy", and various other weird artsy things.

The school plans to take over the world.
what is that person wearing, oh never mind shes from risd
by RISD PERSON June 25, 2005
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A person, usually from the island of Jamestown, Rhode Island, that is considered artsy. They spend their time wearing ridiculous clothing, painting, smoking weed, and/or doing any other artistic activity.
That kid made himself a shirt with an elephant on a bicycle riding through the galaxy with sunglasses on...definitely a RISD spawn
by I Lima March 11, 2011
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