Top definition goes on happens
3.nothing important
4.something that happened in a past
5.a way to say don't worry bout it,it happened in the past not worried about it
7.something little of or no value that happened and had no impact on your life
8.letting some know it was in the past and or to/move on

ripples meaning event,water being you or your life or the main subject

"in the" is the action meaning happening etc.
also is and can be used with "it's just" as a prefix

person 1:i can't believe that you got in a wreck and broke your finger.
person 2: it's just ripples in the water
(this 1st example shows the definition of 1,5,7

example 2:
person are you gonna pass the drug test?
person 2.ripples in the water

(this 2nd example shows the definition 3&6)

example 3:
guy 1.dude your not mad your girlfreind left you?
guy 2.nah man,she's a ripple in the water
(the 3rd example shows that guy1 isnt worried about his

ex girlfreind which is example 1,2,3,7&8)
by stoudbaker February 11, 2011
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