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Rippal is a beautiful woman. She's independent and sweet. She doesn't need any makeup at all but when she does wear it, girls kills themselves because they know they are no match for Rippal. Rippal is a skinny girl. But do not doubt her size for she is a kickass basketball player. Rippal had all the guys drooling for her, but she only picks one. She treats her boyfriends with as much love and care as her family. Her friends are considered family and she treats everyone with respect and love. Although she may not like someone, she is always respectful and compassionate no matter who it is. She is not fake at all. She never spreads rumors or gossips. She strives to be the best in academics and athletics. SHe is fashionable and hilarious. Truly a Rippal is better than any other female on the earth.
"Girl. Is that a Rippal?"

"Yeah Tynisha. It is a Rippal. I'm gonna go die now."
"Rippal is beautiful it's too awesome for my eyes, girl"

"Bro. Is that a Rippal?"
"Yeah dude. Let's go buy her gold and stuff and pay her homage."
by Bribribabyy December 24, 2013
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