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(pronounced "rick it, son!")
v. 1. ) To rig or assemble for temporary emergency use; improvise, usually wth poor or even disastrous results. 2.) to jury-rig something with a shoddy substitute. 3.) exclamation to celebrate cheap jury-rigging.
n. a flimsy temporary fix.

Based on the work of spinal surgeon Dr. Robert Ricketson who lost his license to perform surgery after using a screwdriver in place of titanium rods on a patients neck.
"He broke his cell phone but used rolling papers to ricketson."
"Toss me that cactus. I need a jump so I'm gonna ricketson."
"I didn't study for my bar exam but fuck it. I'll just ricketson."
"I'm not taking cuts in line! That gum on the ground represents my placeholder. Ricketson!"
"We're out of dentures? Forget it. I'll ricketson. Give me those tictacs and some superglue. Now hold still, Mr. Landers..."
by Spider Goodlegs March 21, 2006
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