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The name of a handshake on the show Tom Goes to the Mayor. Done between Michael Ian Black and the Mayor, a.k.a. Eric Wareheim, in the episode "Vehicular Manslaughter". The handshake involves feet clicks, high-fives, grinding, and the two saying words in sync.
(Ricka Tick Full version, plus speech) -
"Ricka-ticka tick-tock tick tock-tock! Ring!! Ringa ding ding, ringa ding ding! Ricka-dick rick, ricka-dick rick, Ringa-dinga ding ding dong! Rim, rim, rim, rim!"
Mayor: "Michael! How long's it been old friend?"
Michael: "Too long, ya sassy devil!"
Mayor: "You...crab apple!"
Michael: "You delicious horseshoe crab."
Mayor: "Oh I'd grab you with my claws if I had any!"
Michael: "Oooh I'd pinch you so hard!"
by JC McFly September 13, 2007
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