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1. Ricekiller is a term used to identify a car that destroys a ricer. Any car of considerable power or speed that is not himself a ricer, may become a ricekiller if they should beat a ricer in a competition of speed. Of course, no true ricer would ever be fast, so it is possible for almost anyone who wishes to be so to be a "ricekiller".

2. The members of "" are considred "ricekillers" or "ricekiller members". Founded in 2005, Ricekiller.Com is one of many anti-rice enthusiast sites aimed at making fun of ricers and their way of life. The owners of this site actually own the rights to the term "ricekiller" as the have legally trademarked it with the goverment.

3. Ricekiller can be in refrence to the site "" itself, to any of its work. The site is espically active in the Dallas/Ft Worth are where it was founded, and holds weekly meets. You might here someone speak of a "ricekiller meet" or a "ricekiller video" or even a "ricekiller t-shirt". All of these things are in refrence to the "" organization.
1. "I just finished builing my new 383 Stroked, Dual Staged Z28 Camaro, man, its a real ricekiller."

2. "My car is a ricekiller."

3. "I am a member of ricekiller."

4. "Have you seen the new ricekiller video online at google video?"

5. "I love my honda civic with a big fart can, huge spoiler, neon lights, and mismatched body panels covered in un-related auto stickers. I hate ricekiller."

by Jared G June 02, 2006
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A person or group of persons who identify themselves by putting underglow on their cars, ugly body kits, big wings, driving slowly through parking lots playing loud music, and generally acting like idiots (ricers) in their cars. They think their cars are fast but they aren't.
"Yo man check out that ricekiller over there...what a dumbass."
by Rick372 February 09, 2010
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