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A very nice sweet and caring guy. He will call you bb, baby girl, baby, and mahal often as a joke especially to his bros, so dont fall for him too easily unless youre sure hes being serious with you. Please dont break his small heart even if he can be very cold and annoying because at the end of the day he will always be there for you and stick by your side. Hes one big athlete and loves basketball. One of his best qualities besides shooting 3 pointers is giving amazing advice, he can be clown tho cus he loves joking. But besides that rhustly is an amazing guy that will treat any girl right, just dont mess up because he doesnt give second chances and if he does which is rare and almost never, know youre very special and important to him so dont take it for granted and let him go. Also motivate him to do his work because he doesnt listen to eunice when she tells her to smfh. Thats all have a super amazing day!!
β€œhey bro you should go talk to him I heard rhustlys are amazing people”

β€œhe acts like a rhustly”
by urfavourite September 24, 2019
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a v sweet n caring guy, can b a heck of a bitch tho n always

rude smh . loves teasin like ong will tease u abt anything.

will call u babygirl, bb, love, mahal, but will say sike after so

dont fall for him so easily unless yk he bein frfr. amazing

person to go to for advice, he'll always b there for u one of

his best qualities. an athlete n loves shooting 3 pointers

that actually get in, specially sa puso mo. never let go of

him bros cus he doesnt give sec chances. yeah hes v kind,

thats all have a great day :)
"tangina mo rhustly"

"oi rhustly libre mo ako"

"malaki yung titi rhustly"

"rhustly got bigpogivibez"
by UrbanGid September 24, 2019
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An Athletic, Cool, etc(goodwords). But he always sad because of unice. He always get friendzoned by girls, but he's a nice guy.
He's such a Rhustly
by UrbanGid June 09, 2019
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