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the extreme variation of a "hipster". also known as- the radical hipster
i went to this rhipster party last night: there was enough second-hand smoke to devastate the cast of mad men, and satisfiable amounts of referencing to david lynch films that would impress even the most pretentious of scoffing gypsies.

hipster, radical hipster, scenester, gypsy, vintage clothing, unfiltered-cigarettes and the opposition of belmonts, second-hand opinions, pretentious, arguments for the sake of arguments, trying really hard not to care (and caring), religious views based off of day-time tv, misunderstood symbol-tattoos, photography, frugal lifestyles, vegetarianism, veganism, dim-lighting, modernism, post-modernism, candles, broken things, dirty, things found in alleys, people found in alleys, starving your pets, sass, philosophy majors, "artists", like to p(art)y
by HipStahBrah January 16, 2011
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A rhipster is a type of hipster that is more hip than the average hipster and therefore has an extra letter to set them apart.
Did you see his shirt? He's so hipster

Nah, he's cooler than that, he's a rhipster.
by rhipster January 15, 2011
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