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rheya's are the most beautiful people you will ever meet in the whole world and when you meet one she will be a great friend.
rheya barager is a great friend just like her cousin ayla
by Mikey stubbs November 05, 2011
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Rheya's are very hot. Often they are found to be very social and almost all Rheyas have an amazing booty. Boys chase her, and friends adore her! Even people who hate her lowkey love her.
Cameron: Look at Rheya her booty is poppin'.

Sarah: Ew. You perv shes my least favorite person ever.

Cameron: You know you love her!! Just like everyone else.
Sarah: Your right. I want some of that cake.
by $wagious June 23, 2016
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The name of a physco girlfriend. The one insane ass who needs help and clearly did not take her bipolar medicine today.
Dude you need to help Rheya out she’s goin crazy again!
by Rheya April 16, 2018
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