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One of the coolest most retarded person you will ever meet. She will still the crowd with her massive twerking skills. You will never get bored with reyci,she will always make you die of laughter with her crazy stories. Athough she may be a little mean sometimes she is always the right person to look for when you need some advice. Also she will always be by your side. When you crying she will cry with you, when you laughing she will laugh with you. Reyci will always stand up for you, whenever some one is messing with you, reyci will be the one to defend you. If you ever getting jump dont doubt that reyci wont beat the hell outta whoever is hitting you, she always ready to fight for her friends. She's a keeper
Dammm im in need of a reyci
by queen_31 March 14, 2015
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