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A gesture with the intent to show affection for someone in such a way that their actual body is not touched.
A reverse mental hug is perfect for when you're feeling needy and want to be hugged, yet at the same time cannot stand being touched physically by another human being.

Directions to Reverse Mental Hug
1) Turn toward lucky person who shall be recieving hug.
2) extend arms out (WITHOUT TOUCHING PERSON!)
3) turn palms away from your body. The back of your hand should be slightly below face level.
4) link fingers together
5) move body slightly to and fro, keeping fingers linked in front of you.
6) Smile

Cara cringes whenever someone gets within six inches of her, but she can feel the love anyway with a reverse mental hug!

Rocky's garden gnome is frozen in a permanent reverse mental hug.
by Team Playground Go! October 17, 2008
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The rmh (reverse mental hug) is a non-contact way of fulfilling the expression of affection demonstrated in a normal hug. It occurs as follows:
1. Fingers are interlaced with palms facing outwards and elbows at 80 degree angle
2. Arms are extended completely straight, palms directed toward receiver of hug
3. The words "reverse mental hug" are proclaimed
There are also group reverse mental hugs in which a circle is formed and all huggers interlace arms
Additionally, upon the smacking of palms, a reverse mental hug is turned into a reverse mental high five
Jane: I'm having such a bad day. Ugh!
Luis: Oh, I'm sorry. Reverse mental hug!
Jane: Yay! Reverse mental hug.
by RMHugger October 22, 2008
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