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The Reverse Salami Turn-around is a sexual move. To perform this act one must have these materials: a full stick of salami, two eggs, plastic wrap, and a 2x4. Take the salami stick and insert it in to a woman in the deep thrust position (see definition) until she is well on her way to cum-land. Take the eggs (soft) and break them and lubricate her ass with the sweet yolk and the use the white of the eggs to blind her temporarily. Take the plastic wrap and secure her hands to her torso so she can not free herself from your admiration. Now manuever yourself so you can stick your now amazingly erect penis into her egg lubricated ass-hole. Feel the dead baby chicken on your penis as you ram her slowly into submission. Now turn-around and pick up the 2x4 and swing it through your legs so it forces the salami in even farther.
"Dude, I did the reverse salami turnaround with Jessie last night...yeah, I gotta go pick her up from the ospital in about an hour."
by Ian Carlson November 18, 2006
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