A "lowbrow" version of elitism opposite of highbrow elitism, similar to populism.

Reverse elitism is when a person thinks they're better than others who have more wealth, social status, looks than them.

Examples include:

Low income or working class people who think they're more "tough", "manly", "down to earth", "generous", etc than rich yuppies or college educated hipsters because they do hard manual labor instead of sitting at a desk, or work 80 hours a week for low wages and are therefore "holier than thou" hard workers.

The fat acceptance movement has also lead some people to reverse shame "skinny people" calling them anorexic, or believing they look "fake".

In politics you'll see reverse elitism in both the Democratic and Republican party - with the Republican working class believing themselves more genuine or down to earth than liberal Ivy League snobs, and the Democratic working class believing themselves the "real workers" as opposed to those lazy country club corporate fat cats.
Reverse elitism examples:

"College is for sissies - I've been working in the oil field for 5 years and make more money than most university grads".
by Anon989989 December 7, 2015
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