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Noun: A psychological affliction that generally affects young males usually beginning onset in the late teen years to the early twenties. The diagnosis is usually chronic and degenerative resulting in eventual end diagnosis of complete fagdom. Chief among presenting symptoms in early stages are the following: Moodiness, bleak outlook, neo-goth persona, self mutilation and pain infliciton, stemming from a severe prediliction to body image issues, reversed negative religious leanings and sexual ambiguity, fixation on underage girls and chronic lateness. Studies have shown one unifying experience common among all those suffering from 'the reverend decay'. Sufferers have all reported early childhood sexual experiences with elder clergy and the strong identification with an overwhelming sense of pleasure and enjoyment. Many report willingly seeking out diverse and numerous priests, pastors, and reverends for ever more "adventurous" acts of voluntary molestations from a young age well into adulthood, thus inducing the multitude of self injurious attitudes and activities. This deep seated self-hate usually leads suffers to closeted lives of denial of their true transgendered selves and the pursuit of ever increasingly destructive relationships. no cure is known.
"it was only a few years after the molesting that we saw the first signs of little Fraley developing the reverend decay.?
by the murph November 03, 2007
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