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Surgery to help out the damage from years of abuse and over of the vagina
It used to be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway but since she got revagination surgery it's like a sophomore on prom night.
by Phauqu2 August 06, 2017
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1) The act of two or more women engaging in casual or comedic conversation in an outdoor, natural environment, thereby relieving stress and clearing the brain from everyday clutter, resulting in a rejuvenated, refreshed state of mind!

2) A woman who takes time out to regroup, meditate, reground, or reconnect with oneself.

Revaginate. Revagination. Revaginating.
1) As Shelly and Sami fed the ducks, revagination took hold, erasing the everyday stresses of life, and soon they were giggling and embracing the wonderfulness of the moment.

2) Gotta chill and revaginate.
by Sammy No Whammy January 12, 2018
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