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A sexual position in which the male (or pitcher) stands behind the female (catcher) and holds her legs up while she holds herself up with her arms in a wheelbarrow-like position, face down. It is in this position that the two engage in thrustings and moanings of sorts.
Male 1 - Dude, my girlfriend and I tried out the retrograde wheelbarrow last night. It was great.
Male 2 - I've gotta try that, soon.
by ryantowelpants November 02, 2007
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Its when you are part of a donkey show where you have a donkey and a man(or woman)in a harness, and the donkey is giving it to the man(or woman) while suspended from the donkey. Meanwhile there's a midget with a riding crop wearing nothing more than a black leather hat. He's whipping the donkey to get it to move while the donkey is also eating out of a bag of oats laced with PCP. Now you take a Wii remote with the nunchuck attachment and you insert either end into the donkey's rectum, you then put the other end into the midget's rectum. There's a wheelbarrow behind the donkey. In the wheelbarrow is a tub of pudding with a german female midget can can dancing in the pudding, while "God Save the Queen" is playing on a radio.
I was down in TJ taking a cab when a taxi driver asked me if I wanted to see a donkey show. I told him I had already seen one so he asked if I had ever seen a retrograde wheelbarrow done.
by The Cultists November 02, 2007
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