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the result of being falsely labeled and then put on medicine that makes you want to kill yourself, handicaping your abilities to perform well, falling asleep in rare situtations which isn't even appropriate, feeling like your body is mush and your brain is being posessed by satan, then eventually trying to commit suicide until the crazy doctor realizes, "oh that must not be the right medicine and says it's best you stay off all medication since you are going crazy on it.

Result of munchausen, where your mom makes things up to a doctor and you get put on so much medication that you start going numb in the arms, repeatedly faint, can't get out of bed, unable to communicate, get trained like a monkey, don't remember anything, too retarted to life objects up or cook.

result from being put in a Nazi death camp killing all your ability and ableness at all. You just take in everything and choke on the right things ending up with just really wierd spit in your mouth so you can do nothing but drool instead of living your normal life.

result of taking so much unneccessary medication that you don't have the ability to be human anymore, you are just incoherent, lazy, lethargic, nonchalant, but feeling horrid and you know you are slaved to do it against your will. Sloppy and can't help it. All people can see is your throat guzzling spit inside and being an absolute retart.
There is no way to servive in a social setting with Nazi's if you have been retartguzzling.

If a nazi catches you retartguzzling they will attempt to kill you or at least initiate you in anyway that is appropriate after t some crazy doctor mistaked you for someone else.
by courtneyseeingsparklesagain March 03, 2010
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