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a cardigan that makes you look like a retard. especially if you are a guy
oh my goodness look at that guy hes wearing a retardigan
by jadith December 10, 2008
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A tragically horrible cardigan. Usually doesn't fit right, or has a stupid pattern, or both.
Zoe thought the cardigan at the store looked good on the hanger, but when trying it on she was upset to find it was actually a retardigan.

Sierra thought the cardigan at Vans was cute, but her friends thought it was a retardigan.
by Cass De Krame August 16, 2010
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Message Board forum troll who uses identical names to clone other people. The troll will exploit the vulnerable message board font, replacing an l for a capital I or vice versa. Example: Claudia can be cloned by troll opening another account with username: "CIaudia" and use it to post with under that message board. One board where the font is exploitable is the Vh1 message boards.

Claudia: "I am Spartacus"
CIaudia: "no, I am Spartacus"
Claudia: "Quit being such a retardigan"

by Mosesianite August 17, 2007
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