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When you see a picture of yourself that you untagged or detagged a while ago, and you decide that the picture isn't really all that bad, so you retag it.
I saw that photo of me on the floor like three months ago and untagged it immediately, but I think I'm going to retag it 'cause my dress looks really cute.
by Rachel Berry December 13, 2009
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A “Retag” is someone who is a Retag, they most likely need to be kept on a leash at all times due to their dog like behaviour. Retag is someone who is agrivated easily, and when agrivated is known to be rowdy. Retags often get excited when in the vicinity of other Retags or dogs. Retag pronounced Rē-tág can be interchanged with “Retagio” , and “Retagio from Rontario”.
Why are you being such a Retag

Grrrrr grrrr retag

Stop being such a Retag
by Retag August 15, 2018
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