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A high school student, college student, or otherwise who focuses only on adding to his or her resume.
Adi is a resumaniac; he is obsessed with collecting accolades.
by fizfiz April 21, 2009
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The type of person who is so focused on grades or leadership that they either a) don't focus on the important things in life like friends and relationships or b) does so much that what they do doesn't mean anything. They succeed in giving themselves a terrible time whilst obsessing over their type A personality and narrowmindedness and showing rather ugly personality characteristics in their williingless to cut people to get to the top see: resume builders
I wish Alley could stop being such a resumaniac and enjoy the fun that high school has to offer. She can spend the rest of her life thinking about the future, i wish she would have some fun.
by iluvny May 09, 2009
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