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Attempting to go back to sleep after being awakened before your alarm. (See desleep). Usually results in tossing, turning, and utter lack of any satisfying sleep.
"That neighbor's dog woke me up again. I tried to resleep but couldn't."

Similar to presleep (falling asleep in front of the TV long before bedtime, usually the best quality sleep). Also similar to desleep (being awakened unnecessarily).
by slevine November 03, 2007
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To go back to sleep within 1 hour after waking up, usually because one has stayed out too late the night before or is hung over.

Re-Sleep is differnt than a nap since it is so close to the actual night time sleeping, any sleep after the 1 hour limit is called a nap.
She was so tired in the morning that she went back to bed almost immediately, trying to re-sleep. By trying to re-sleep she could avoid the negativeness of taking a nap and could honestly say she got up a 8 AM.
by kjb1 July 24, 2006
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