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These are the the people who make the republican attack machine work. They work to promote and/or defend the agenda of the G.O.P. and to protest and/or defeat the agenda of democrats. These minions work through any available public forum--such as: letters-to-the editor in local newpapers, raising controversy and/or protests at town hall meetings, and on-line chat rooms. These republitards even submit definitions on Urban Dictionary to make racist remarks and spread out-right lies about President Barack Obama!

The republican party uses lies, deception and bullshit spreaders like Rush Limbaugh and faux news (a.k.a. fox news) in attemptes to keep Obama from fixing the Bush Economy or fixing our fucked up healthcare system!

By using the minions, the republicons try to create the illusion of a grass roots movement that opposes healthcare reform. However, an August 2009 CNN poll shows that 57% of the people know that the Republican attack machine is responsible for most of the backlash on healthcare reform, not REAL Americans!
The republican party minions keep spreading lies, rumors and obscene bullshit about Obama and healthcare reform.
To see the work of these minions, check out some of the sick Obama defs on Urban Dictionary! These sick republican bastards are trying to keep Obama from fixing the heinous mess George W Bush left behind!
by Charles_U_Farley August 12, 2009
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