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A rent-a-thug is a person who rents himself out in the name of thuggery, lethal or otherwise. In exchange for money, he will commit crimes for you. The amount of money required to successfully rent the thug will usually increase with the severity of the crime - i.e., it will cost more for him to kill your in-laws than to rob the corner store for food. As with almost any service, rates vary wildly and can also be negotiated. Rent-a-thugs can be employed on a single-assignment, multi-assignment, or permanent basis, depending on the circumstances and money paid. Rent-a-thugs provide a very convenient way to mount assaults on offending parties; provided the rent-a-thug is a professional and does not confess to the police, the crime is never traced back to you. The truly valuable rent-a-thugs are never caught, and the ones who are promptly take their own lives, usually by swallowing cyanide pills and the like. It is wise to be extremely careful of whom you employ.
if you are sworn enemies with someone, and someone else shows up to give you a good thrashing, you can be sure that someone is your enemy's rent-a-thug.
by The Wry Wordsmith July 23, 2006
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