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A person who is asked to take poor, lazy, trifling people around the town like they're some kind of Taxi, without any reimbursement. Almost like an obligation of sorts. A rent-a-betch's clients will take over their radio, blow cigarette smoke in their face, tend to have a creepy fetish of McDonald's "Tarta' Sauce!", call everyone walking down the street names, leave trash in their car and talk smack about them the whole time. Their clients have also been known to throw burning cigarettes out of the car, especially at gas stations and homeless people. It's a dangerous & dirty job. Someone has to do it.... might as well be you, Betch.
"Hey, where's a rent-a-betch when you need one?! I need to sell my food stamps for crack before my baby-daddy get home with that worrisome ass kid."

"Rent-a-betch, I need to get to the hospital ASAP! I have a tumor in my eye, a bladder infection, herpes and I may be pregnant. You will sit with me for six hours until I'm even looked at and no you won't be paid. My company should be suffice."

"Take me to Master Wok stupid bitch!"
by Dick Woody February 24, 2009
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