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rendale is amazing and is always the person to make you laugh and some one you can always count on and that always have you back. hes that person that likes to watch anime and dosnt let alot of people in but when he dose he hopes to god hes done a right thing. he has never lost a fight and is not a tyipcal man. rendale is a unique person with his awesome and sexy ninja self. rendale is a person that dosnt try to please the world if you dont like him the way he is he dont care. rendale is a guy that fights for what he knows he wants and wht he thinks is best. he has his typical guy moments when he thinks like any othrt guy but other the that rendale is one of a kind guy thats rsre to find so if you do love him with all you got
i have a best friend named rendale :)
by keeyllalla March 19, 2013
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