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Rehna is lankys brother and Rehna is also lanky, she’s known for being a “babe magnet” as she attracts many boys. She likes to be a bit freaky with the girl pals kuzmayyy bro. In the future Rehna is most likely to end up in a rehabilitation centre and she doesn’t like to show that she will end up there (she usually gets ashamed) She likes to stress a lot for exams but she gets through it. She is someone you need in your life. A Rehna is also someone who is skinny but eats like a dog but still doesn’t gain weight for some reason.
“Oh my god look at Rehna
“I know I feel like her magnetic forces are pulling me towards her oh wow”
“There’s Rehna was she not in rehab
by Dr Muqudas Saab x June 06, 2018
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