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An almost cute girl who, you will find, is actually extremely short-tempered. She likes to think she's badass when in reality she's an adorable little nerd. She is smart academically, but when it comes to what's 'cool' and common sense, she usually blanks out. She has a random, ridiculous sense of humour, as well as a hilariously dirty mind. Rehgan is known to be kind of loud, and is pretty sweet for the most part, but if someone happens to piss her off... well, it won't end well for that person. She happens to be strong and fierce, and she probably plays many team sports. Watch your back if you get on her bad side.
Muse A: What is Rehgan doing? She looks like she's dying or something...
Muse B: Careful! If she hears you say that she will probably slay you.
Muse A: Oh, that's right. She does have a pretty short temper.
by LittleMissLizzie May 31, 2016
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