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1. Regresolete, describes something so out of date, that it is practically unusable and using it will slow down any work process and decreasing productivity.

2. It can be used to describe a process of slowing down, and situation getting worse because of it.

3. In its verb form, it is used as a constructive process of slowing down, and dividing it process into separate pieces.
Some say, that the modern day printer made the typewriter regresolete.

Even if some technologies have become regresolete, there are still some rare occasions in which they prove usefull.

Latin is not a regresolete language, because it is used however it is

Using this kind of tool, will result in regressolation.

To avoid any regressolation, we must follow the plan as strictly as possible.

In order to learn how to play the guitar fast, one must learn how to regresolate. (note, that "regresolate" is the verb form of "regresolete")
by T.Mamuleum October 30, 2013
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