fuckin awesome, bad ass in all respects
that guy is so regel
by qwerty1337 December 6, 2006
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A family name where the middle daughter is the hottest. She is one sexy girl. They are very social and love their booze!!
That Regele middle daughter is one hot piece of ass!
by Someonec00lerthanyou February 21, 2010
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Regelle is a perfect human being. Unique, smart, caring, funny, cute, loving, beautiful and a warrior. Regelle never backs down from a challenge, even if she knows she may fail. Don’t get between a Regelle and her friends. She will defend them to the end and have their back. She is loyal babe. She is always bringing the laughter and has a smile on her face 98% of the time, which spreads joy to all that see it.

A lover of food, adventure, food and happiness (yes, food twice). Regelle will be happy chilling in a quiet place or out on the open road on an adventure.
Wow. Have you seen Regelle? She’s incredible.
by Professor Coolo es la Bomba November 23, 2021
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ionita regele is the best math teacher. translated "ionita the king" he hates bananas and anothi.
ionita regele este rege
by tambrea May 11, 2022
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