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an irrational (possibly dangerous) empathy towards a person who is supposedly a refugee. Those who are suffering under this mania often desire to greet as many refugees in their counties as possible - usually endangering their county's safety and stability.

Refuphilia can be recognized if a persons point of view is based only on empathy, and not on rationality. Refuphiliacs almost always ignore facts and arguments, and are often willing to label their opponents as racist or bigots.

More common in women than men. More found on the left political-spectrum.
Mary was unable to digest the arguments and the new information presented to her. She kept repeating, over and over again, that we have to put ourselves into refugees' shoes, and we must accept them because they are humans too. This is when we understood that Mary has refuphilia.
by Erkk Dreiak September 24, 2016
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