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A person who eats everyone else's food in the refrigerator. The usual suspect is either a co-worker or a room mate. That person does not care what food it is or who's food it is, but if no one is there to watch, they'll eat it all and fast. Drugs also induce refrigeraping.

One way to counter the refrigeraper is to spit in your liquids or lick your food, or do something else nasty to your food with your own juices. Then, when the refrigeraper strikes, little do they know, they are consequently being punished for their sin. And then you don't care if anyone eats your food, because in the back of your mind you know you've won the war.
Last night I got so baked and went to fridge to find some food, when I realized I haven't got nothing to eat. Thank god I have 5 room mates. I'm not too proud of it, but it was like 4 am and there wasn't a chance anyone would be awake. Anyways, people always eat my food, so I figured it was my time to be the refrigeraper. I refrigeraped those bastards so hard! Although the milk tasted kind of funny. . .
by Raffikio July 26, 2011
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