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The redneck fuck boy exhibits many of the same characteristics as the run of the mill fuck boy does. These include their endless quest for pictures of naked genitals(male or female) and their similarly endless quest to have sex with said genitals. They flex ALWAYS and are turned on by just about anything. The thing that distinguishes the redneck fuck boy is his incessant love of dirt, trucks, beer, and cow udders. Living predominantly on farms the redneck fuck boy is exposed to many more ways to piss people off than the average fuck boy and you can bet he takes full advantage. Global warming is a myth, Trump is the supreme overlord of the world and country music might as well be the national anthem. Overall, the redneck fuck boy's main goal is to piss off anything and everything but his current sexual conquest and his horse waiting in the woods if the current conquest should go airy. If ever in the presence of one you will most likely know based on your level of disdain for them, as soon as you start thinking OJ Simpson isn't really that bad of a guy in comparison you are most definitely in the presence of the elusive but not quite elusive enough redneck fuck boy.
This redneck fuck boy asked me to have sex with him on the bed of his truck tonight while his friends watch.
by Horse Love= real love April 19, 2017
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